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New Release - Who Can Stop

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

It has been a scary, weird, strange, uncomfortable and painful couple of weeks for all of us. As I navigate this temporary normal, I have found comfort in the fact that we are all experiencing a version of this together. I have also had more FaceTime, Zoom, and "House Party" hang outs than ever before with my friends and family members and that has been wonderful!

Im taking some time each day to pause and just be grateful... I know that I am one of the lucky ones right now. With health, water to wash my hands with, food to eat, and with a home to find protection and comfort in.

I am also so grateful for the people in my life...

I send all of my love to each of you and hope that you are coping with all of this uncertainty as peacefully as possible. <3 <3 <3

I've discovered that looking at photos and videos of Great Pyrenees puppies really helps... what do you think?

I just want oneeeee!!! SO BADLY!

Some news... Today is RELEASE DAY for my new song Who Can Stop!

It's on all the streaming services, so please check it out!

I wrote Who Can Stop about three years ago, on a friend's couch in my hometown of Jamestown, NY. While building this song, a major influence of mine was the incomparable Natalie Merchant. Sharing the same hometown has always made me feel a kind of closeness with her, even though we've never actually met. I grew up listening to her music and know that it is ingrained within my musical soul. I'm thankful for her brilliance and how she has inspired me in my own songwriting journey...

That summer three years ago was a really wonderful one. I was living in NYC at the time but had around two months off from my work, so I was able to spend that time in Jamestown with my family and friends. I have so many beautiful memories from that summer and I have been thinking about them a lot lately.

While I've been doing a lot of reflecting and reminiscing about happier times, I've also been dreaming quite a bit about the future too. I am thinking of, planning and hoping for the days that we will all be able to see and hold the people that we love again.... but also faced with the tragic reality that for some, future gatherings will be missing loved ones too. I am filled with hope but know that collectively we will never be the same...

I love you all.

Thanks for sticking around and reading some of my thoughts. It means a lot to me to be able to share these pieces of me with you!

Stay well, Stay safe, Keep dreaming, Keep dancing in your living room...



Who Can Stop by Emily Strong

Recording, Production, Mixing by Kornel Sylwester

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